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Welcome - Our Mission is to develop awareness of Magna Charta - especially education concering Individual Liberty and the Rule of Law as components of Democracy

Listen To Music From the 2002 Exhibit of the 1297 Magna Carta - A Tribute to England and America -

Welcome to the Web Page of the National Society Magna Charta Dames and Barons. Instituted in 1909, the Society is a 501(c)(3) organization composed of over 17,000 ladies and gentlemen throughout the world. With Divisions in 31 States and with 24 Chapters or Colonies, we provide information and education concerning Magna Charta at meetings during the year. We include a listing of the 2008 meeting dates in the Members Section of the Website. We include the detailed purposes of the Society. We include membership information including lineage forms which can be printed or downloaded. The Society also has provided excellent Educational Tours. The next Tour will be scheduled when we have sufficient interest. We include information concerning insignia, certificates and Barons Bars for the Society. We include a table of contents. We have a special page which lists new information which is added to the Site, most recently on January 9, 2008. We have included links to talks and video from our annual luncheons or dinners in Washington DC in April. Our next Washington area dinner is scheduled for Friday, April 14, 2017. - Request Invitation.

The purpose of the Web Page is to provide information to our members, to provide an introduction to our Society, and to further our purposes.

Our main current project is locating lost and identifying deceased members - NEW Lost Members Page updated October 30, 2016. OLD Lost Members Page updated March 9, 2004. Please use the search form within this Web Page. View a listing of over 150 individual pages in the table of contents for our WebSite.

Beginning in March 2017 we will send an Electronic Newsletter Electronic Newsletter. Please send us your email address so you will be on our list for future Newsletters.

Information on our Educational Tours - ARE YOU INTERESTED IN A 2017 TOUR June 2015 800th Anniversary Educational Tour included 107 (compared with 200 for the 750th Anniversary. We initiated a 10 year lecture series at Royal Holloway University and the lecture this year is scheduled for June 8, 2017. If you might be interested in attending please let us know and, depending on the level of interest we may plan a group tour.

 What's New  New information was added March 12, 2018.

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Contact Information. Electronic Form. We would like to hear from you. You may use this form to send us your email address.

The office of the Society is normally open from 9:30 A.M. to 3:00 P.M. Monday, Wednesday and Friday. There is an answering service on the telephone. You may also write to the Society at the address below or send a fax to the fax number below. If you have feedback, please click here for an electronic form. We hope that you will contact the Society with questions.

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